Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Crinkled Tissue Textured Foiling #onelittletag #MMM

Hi there, thanks for joining me! 
I started off this blog doing some simple tutorials and I have kind of gotten away from that, so I decided it was time to do another.   This idea started off inspired by the Mixed Media Morsels FB group I have joined.  MMM # 5  uses tissue paper to add texture to your page.  I have used tissue many times on my canvases to add texture to my paintings.   So I have put a different spin on the challenge.  As some of you may know, I have been into foiling lately and a amassed a bit of a foil haul on my holiday. I was struck with an idea and what happened? The girl goes crazy!

I crumpled some tissue paper and put it directly on my scanner, wondering if the wonderful texture would translate to a useable image.

The image on the left is what I copied on my laser printer directly from the crumpled tissue paper.  I used this to print the copies on card.  The card on the right is a copy, which actually seemed to turn out darker.  I thought I would also copy some of the image on some coloured card for a different effect

I copied onto some light green, dark green (thinking of Christmas) and some black card (I love the look of foil on black card!)  Then I trimmed down the sheets.  These backgrounds will eventually become tags for the One Little Tag Craft Challenge, another FB group I belong to.  I trimmed down the foil, put it over the printed tag (foil side up), put it inside of folded copy paper as a carrier and ran it through my laminator.

I love the way they turned out.  It's difficult to photograph the foil so these don't do the tags justice.  But hopefully you get the idea and may want to give it a try as an interesting background for a card or a tag or in some of your other artwork. 


  1. Brilliant techniques. Thanks for sharing them, Angela x

  2. Lovely effect with this technique - thanks for sharing it!


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