Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tag# 4-13 MMM #15 Mosaic Collage

Today's tag is a combination of challenges.  The challenge on #onelittletag is to collage with magazine pages and the prompt at Mixed Media Morsels is to collage a mosaic background.
So I cut up a magazine page to use for my mosaic collage. I did have enough pieces to do it entirely blue, but I wanted to add a random pop of some colour.  Once I finished, I coated it with gloss medium/varnish.  It was interesting to do and looks kinda cool, but I don't know how often I will use this technique.  It's a little tedious and difficult to do with my vision.  These are fairly large  pieces, so pretty primitive (which I actually like) but some of the members of MMM used fairly small pieces.  It probably took them quite a while to do, but the results were quite striking!

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