Saturday, 25 February 2017

A craft haul from Amazon!

Hello my friends!  I am back with another craft haul video, the one from Amazon that I mentioned in my previous post.  This is another collective haul from a few orders I had placed before and after Christmas. Lots of goodies that I am anxious to use.  I have been busy painting , so I haven't had a chance to use any of my new crafty treasures yet this year.  I am going to do some art journalling this year and I also have the urge to try some ATCs.  So you can look forward to seeing some of these treasures in action soon!
So please have a look at my craft haul from Amazon video.  Let me know what items you would like to see me use.  My intention is to make tutorial videos, tips and techniques videos and to share some of my artwork as well as some of the art shows I participate in.  If you have been enjoying my blog, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hopefully you will enjoy that as well.  I am looking forward to feeling even more connected to all of you!
AND, for any of you that are interested (and I realize it has taken me a while to  get on board), I  am now on Instagram
Thanks so much for joining me today and thank you so much for all the support over my first year of blogging.  I have really been enjoying it and I hope you have enjoyed my efforts.  So this will be a new year for some more new things (new for me, anyways!).  I am planning on doing some art journalling and some ATCs along with the other things that I love to do.  I am hoping to share this with some videos.
Have an awesome and creative day!  xo

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Craft supply haul (video) from SGD

Hello my friends!  I am back with another haul.  This is a collective haul from SGD.  There are a few different orders here from over the last few months.  Some pre-Christmas sales and some post.  SGD always has some sort of big sale every Wednesday.
Good news!  I'm so excited! I have finally made my first haul video!  So I am anxious to share it with you.  I hope you like it.  This is actually the first "personal" video I have made where i actually speak.  My intention is to make some card-making / art tutorials.  So you can look forward to seeing some of the products you see in this haul actually in use.  Maybe you can even leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see me use.
Without further adieu, here is the link to my video! Craft supply haul from SGD
Here is a kink to Scrappin' Great Deals (SGD)

I have also placed a few orders with Amazon over the last few months and I will be sharing that haul video soon as well.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks to everyone who has a look at my new video.  Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you would like to see more!
Have an awesome and creative day!  xo

Sunday, 19 February 2017

"Identity" A closer video look at my mixed media painting

Hello mu friends!  I have been making a few videos lately.  As you may know, if you have watched any, the are amateur as I am a newbie and just getting my feet wet.  Here is another very short video.  A closer look at my mixed media painting, "Identity"  I know  some of you have seen this painting already, but for those of you that haven't, please have a look.  For those of you that have, maybe you want to have a second look?
I have to say that I always feel a connection to my creations.  That doesn't mean I can't let go of my work as I know some artists have a hard time doing.  As a matter of fact, it really gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment to see one of my paintings, or cards, or tags or Gelli prints go into the hands of someone who loves them enough to take them home.  I know they will be cherished, which makes me feel wonderful.  The truth is though, that I do feel more of a connection to certain pieces.  For some reason, this is one painting that I feel particularly attached to. While I will certainly be ecstatic to see it find a loving new home, it will be bittersweet, as I will also feel sad to see "Identity" go.  Perhaps that is why I have posted it a couple of times and created this short video.
For anyone that likes this painting and is interested in seeing how I made it, please have a look at this post to see my process.
As for the videos, that is my goal for this year, to create videos and work on my YouTube channel.  There will be videos of my art, our shows, some haul videos and, hopefully my focus, art and craft tutorials.
If you like my few short videos and what I have been sharing here on my blog, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give me some thumbs up!
And I know this is long overdue, but I am finally on Instagram for anyone who is interested. Find me  mimi.johnson358
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have and awesome and artful day!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

"Paint What You Love" juried Art Show

Hello my friends!  There has been a lot going on lately. Here is something else I have been up to.  Ajax Creative Arts, , is currently showing a juried art show in the Kent Farndale Gallery in Port Perry, On.  So I have another video tour for you!  As I mentioned in my last post, I am no expert when it comes to videos, a total newbie!  But, I did a little editing with this one and added some captions.  Baby steps.  Well, I hope you enjoy it.  This is just a quick look at our show and certainly doesn't do it justice.  There is a lot of wonderful art and we are quite proud of our exhibit.
Kim Robertson won "Best in Show" and there were four awards of excellence that were won by Bonnie Lusty, Margaret Brackley, Wayne Prisque and Dale Cameron.  We were pleasantly surprised to be joined by Kent Farndale, herself, at our reception and honoured to have her present Kim with the "Best in Show" award.
Our reception was buzzing with people and a great success.  Here are a few photos as well.  I hope you enjoy our video tour
Many thanks go out to the members that made this show happen.  Spearheaded by Margaret Brackley along with Rola and Chas Burke.  Many months of hard work.  And thanks to our juroist, Mirek Bialy, hoping he is feeling better!

These were my two paintings in the show

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed my video, as amateur as it is, lol.
 I am hoping to try some tutorial videos, so stay tuned!
Have an awesome and creative day!

Friday, 10 February 2017

My Art Exhibit at Ajax Town Hall

Hello my friends!  Sorry for the long absence, I have been busy painting.  I have just hung  some of my artwork today at the Ajax Town Hall.  It will be on display until March 8th.  I thought I would create a short video so that I could share my exhibit with you!  Please note that I am not a professional when it comes to videos, so please be kind, lol!  I am actually quite proud of myself that I have managed to post one..  I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I should be able to post a little more frequently now with new projects, and if I am brave, maybe some new videos!
Have an awesome and creative day!  xo