Friday, 1 April 2016

Tags# 3-25 Some more Christmas tags #onelittletag

I am still playing catch up since my holiday, so I am a little behind with my tags.  Some of you that have visited my blog before, may already know this, but one of my own personal challenges is to make the 25th tag of each month, a Christmas tag.  The idea is that I will be ahead of the game when Christmas rolls around coupled with the fact that I just enjoy Christmas cards and tags.  Doing one usually puts me in the mood to do more.  So I hope you can handle a few Christmas cards, even though we are all ready for some nice spring weather and maybe not really wanting to be reminded of  wintery December, lol! (Unless, perhaps if you are in Australia or the other parts of the world that have lovely warm Decembers!)
The challenge last week was to do monochromatic tags, so I tried to stay in keeping with that idea.  Not 100% monochromatic, but definitely leaning that way.

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