Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Embossing folder wax resist technique

Another little tutorial.  I had the laminator out and ready to go, so I figured that I would make good use of it.  This technique was inspired by a video I watched by Gina K on Stamp TV (I will try and add a link to this video).  I was also inspired to do this post for a couple of friends, Lynn and Mary,  who  have a Sizzix Embossing Boutique, but haven't had a chance to do a lot with it.  I thought this would be a fun technique to show them another way to use their embossing folders.
This is best with a bold patterned folder..  You will also need some waxed paper, the card you want to use, a laminator OR iron, some ink and blending tools (or make up sponges work fine as well)  You don't need 2 different colours, but I found that it seemed to make the pattern stand out a little more.  And, of coarse, your embossing machine of choice.  I am using my Cuttlebug (because I had it out)

Trim down your waxed paper a little larger than your embossing folder, place it inside the folder and run through your machine.  Personally, I found it worked better just running it through once with a card shim, so that it didn't squish the waxed paper too much.  This may be different with your machine or your embossing folder and you might want to run the folder back through again.

Put the card you have chosen to use and cut down to size, over the waxed paper. Place inside a folded sheet of copy paper as a carrier if you are using a laminator, or protector if you are using an iron.  Gina K put card on both sides of the waxed paper to make use of the wax on both sides, but I found that with the laminator, two cards flattened out the image, so I just used one.  Gina used an iron, so maybe there wasn't as much pressure.  I ran it through the laminator once.  If you are using an iron, iron firmly over the paper protector.  If you put card on both sides of the waxed paper, make sure to iron both sides.

When you remove your card, make sure you know which side was in contact with the waxed paper because you will not be able to see anything, but that is the side you will work on.  If you are doing several at once, you may want to put a small dot on the back so that you can keep track of the waxed side.  Now it's time to get out your inks and let the magic begin.  I have chosen two distress inks, "Picked Raspberry" and "Spiced Marmalade".  I used an ink blender, but any dye ink or inks and a dauber or make up sponge should work fine as well.  I sponged on the ink in a circular fashion and look what happens to the seemingly blank card!

Blend until you are happy with the result.  This is supposed to be a resist technique, but it almost seems like the ink is sticking to the wax, it's hard to tell, but I like it!  It would make a beautiful background to a card.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this technique and may give it a try!

Gina K's Stamp TV Video that inspired me to try this technique


  1. I swear we share the same YouTube queue. You are my art technique soul sister lol.

    1. Lol, I think so! That's probably why I love your work so much!


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