Thursday, 28 July 2016

Trust the Magic - A Mixed Media Girl

Hello my friends!  Today I am sharing another whimsical  mixed media girl.   My sister wanted me to do a fairy girl, so she is a fairy. (I love fairies, too)  I think I am going to do a series and make some cards with them..  This seems to be what I am enjoying for the moment!
When I started this art project, I had no idea what I was going to be doing.  In fact, I was doing various backgrounds to choose one for my first attempt at  Mike Deacons "Mission Inspiration|" (which I still haven't finished, but will be posting soon!)  So I did things in a specific order on all of them to start with, since I wasn't sure which one I was going to use.

We were supposed to add colour with a baby wipe, add some tissue paper or napkin fragments and then cover with a thin coat of Gesso..  this is where I veered off coarse.  The next step was to do some embossing paste through a stencil and then add two opposite colors.  I used my sprays and was starting to add to use opposite colours, but got carried away with the sprays!  I liked the direction this was going but knew that it wouldn't be for the challenge.  I actually ended up with several backgrounds that I really liked (and that you will eventually see) as well as my page for the mission. So it was a productive day at art last Wednesday.

Tonight, this is the background that I chose to use and added some embossing paste through some Tim Holtz stencils (he has such cool stencils!)  I actually did some embossing on all of the backgrounds, since I had everything out, but I did this one with intent!

Then I got one of the copies of a face I had sketched on watercolour paper.  I decided I wanted to start off with paint on this one. First I added in the outline of the face and neck.  I used acrylic paint (craft).  This is the first one I have done with acrylic paint.

I added in some details with a black  marker.

Then I copied it, slightly reduced on white card and added in some more details.  I knew this was too big for my project, but with my vision issues, it's a little easier to work larger.

I copied her again, much small, and cut her out.  I cut out some hair and her dress from some scraps of patterned paper in my stash.

I needed to add some wings, so I scrbbly sketched some on some vellum with a gold Sharpie.  Then I thought I would use the rubber cement foiling technique.  So I used the brush provide in the glue jar to roughly "paint" around the wings, let it dry and then put my deco foil on top and gave it a rub.

I edged her hair with my gold ink and her dress with some distress ink.  Then I assembled her.

I added her to my page, outlined her with a PITT pen, added my sentiment (a Prima stamp)  I punched out some butterflies from some gold foil paper. 

 In retrospect, I may not have added them, or so many,  But too late know, so I outlined them to give them more definition, since they weren't going anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed todays post.  Thanks so much for stopping by and letting my share my efforts with you.  Have an awesome and artful day!


  1. Hi Kim Love your mixed media girl! Great description too!

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I am really enjoying creating the whimsy girls!

  2. Hi Kim Love your mixed media girl! Great description too!

  3. So pretty and very mixed media! It was interesting to see your process!

    1. Thanks so much, Zsuzsa! I had a lot of fun with the process.


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