Sunday, 29 May 2016

Artfest on the Esplanade

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Hello my friends!
This is what I was up to yesterday.  Every year, the City of Pickering, along with Pine Ridge Arts Council (PRAC) holds Artfest at the end of May.  There are Many different artisans displaying their work, from painting, photography, wood carving, lots of jewelry, glass work, textile work and many  more!
Often there are performing arts as well with dancers and bands.  This year the was a  Blues Fest and I was in a great spot to be entertained by the great music all day..
It was a beautiful day, although quite hot.  I ended up with a fantastic spot right near the entrance and shaded under the trees.  For some reason, it is often really windy at Artfest, which is a little annoying when you are trying to keep your display from blowing all over, and you wish the wind would stop!   Be careful what you wish for!  This year everyone was wishing for a little wind.  I have to say, I did get a little bit of a breeze where I was.  So, once the set up was done (it was definitely hot doing that), and I could just sit down and relax, I was pretty comfortable.
Usually, my daughter is with me at Artfest, helping out.  She can man the booth so that I can have a look around, chat with my friends that are also participating or take a bathroom break (it's a long day that calls for lots of water!).  But she was busy yesterday, rehearsing all day for her High Schools performance of "Hairspray", which she is STARRING in (how proud am I!).  It starts a four day run on Wednesday night.  So I doubt I will see much of her until it is over.  I can hardly wait to see it!  But I really missed her yesterday at Artfest.  She's always a great help and good company for a long day.
I have to say thank you to my friend Margaret, who was also doing the show, she was there if I needed a break, and thanks to my friend Bonnie, who cam by and she took care of things so I could have a look around.
There was a lot of people out, enjoying the weather, taking their dogs for a walk, having a beer and listening to some blues and just having a nice day.  So there were lots of people to talk to.  This is never a high sales  show for me, but I do it every year just because I enjoy it.

Mary and Cathy from PRAC were there, making sure things were on track and Mary got a lot of pictures of the show which maybe I will be able to add to this post,  or link to, if it's okay with Mary, and those of you that have never been can see what it's about and maybe join us next year!
Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome and artful day!

(TEASER:  Watch for more foiling techniques this week if you are interested!)

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