Monday, 30 May 2016

Foiling tid-bit Bonus!

Hello my friends!
This is not the foiling technique that I have been promising will come this week, it's a little bones that I kind of discovered by accident.
Today I am sharing a little foiling technique that I discovered while I was doing the glue resist technique with the rubber cement that I shared a few posts ago.

I drizzled the rubber cement onto my page to use as a glue resist.  I noticed that the glue was still tacky after it dried.  With the resist technique, I painted over it and then rubbed away with glue after everything was dry.

Afterwards, I wondered if the dry glue would be tacky enough to adhere the foil, so I thought I would give it a try.  I drizzled some rubber cement onto a scrap index card I had used to wipe up some paint.  I let it dry and put the foil on top and rubbed it firmly over the glued areas, and Voila!

I hope you enjoyed this little post.  As you can probably tell, I am having a good time with the foiling.  So if you like it too, you can look forward to some more great foiling techniques.  I have another one coming up this week, that I am kind of excited about!  And who knows what else I will discover as I am playing around, or what YOU may discover!

If you are interested, I did an earlier post on foiling.  Actually, the fourth post I had ever done!

Thanks for joining me!



  1. It's a great look, and what a terrific idea.

    1. Thank you! I have been having a lot of fun with foiling. BTW, I absolutely LOVE the clock you created!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I just love the look of foiling so I will be doing some more experimenting soon!


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