Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Challenge! #MixedMediaMorsels

Well, I have joined another group on FB.  This is definitely the year for new things!  I had never done any challenges or joined any on-line groups or ever done a blog before the beginning of this year.  Reaching out of my comfort zone.  All good!
This group is called Mixed Media Morsels hosted by Cat Hand.  Once a week, she does a video showing a mixed media technique for us to try.  I actually joined about a month ago, or so, but have had a lot going on and hadn't had a chance to do anything yet.  I am very delinquent with my tags as well!  We are supposed to be keeping a little art journal with  all our morsels in it, but I am going to combine my challenges, so I will be turning my morsels into tags.
This is my first mixed media morsel, but it is actually MMM 13 (I believe) and I think they are up to MMM 15.  But I will do a few at a time and eventually catch up.  I may not do all the ones that I have missed, and go forward from here, but I will do some of them.  It's all fun!

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