Saturday, 9 April 2016

Art Show update

Thanks for stopping by!  Just a quick show update,  This is how my booth looks now after some rearranging and the addition of some new paintings.

This is how my booth looked yesterday.  Three of my paintings have found a new home  "Blue Night Birch" (top right), "Drama (top left) and "A Light Touch" (bottom left).  Also gone are one of my Gelli prints and several of my tags.  This has been an awesome show so far, and still one day to go!
It has been a great show overall for many of the artists.  It's been really busy, with a terrific turnout. There have been a lot of happy people leaving the show with a painting in hand that has called to them in some way.
Thanks for checking in and I will give the final update tomorrow.

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  1. Just a final update from the show, another painting is off to a new home, "Into the Sky - Red" which is the birch at the bottom left of the revised space. I brought it in to replace another painting. This was a great show for me! An awesome show overall for our group, the stars aligned! Definitely motivating. A Gelli print and some tags went, too. Now I need to get painting for the next event! Thanks for checking in.


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