Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tag 2-24 Let it Go #onelittletag

Tag 2-24 Let it Go ‪#‎onelittletag‬
My slump didn't last long, once I had everything out. I attempted this tag a few different ways and this is the way I liked the best.   I used my laser printer to copy my stamped image .  I used my laminator and deco foil to foil the balloons and my sentiment. (there is a tutorial on my 3rd post called "Try Something New" that will show how I do this) Then I used distress ink to colour around the balloons to create the idea of a sky. I also used distress ink to sponge in some colour on the balloons. I used a glue pen to add some random dots and foiled those (I'm trying to use my foil in a few different ways). I used my gold ink to finish the edges and mounted to a black tag. I have to say, foiling really picks up all the details that embossing just can't quite achieve.

I used the same process to do the foiling on this tag, I just used a coloured card instead of white.  No distress ink on this one.

This tag was pretty much a fail, but I thought I'd share it anyways to show the difference between the foiling and the heat embossing, which I used here.

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