Monday, 4 January 2016

Finally some tags! #onelittletag

Yay!  I finally finished some tags that I can post on the One little tag craft challenge as well as my new blog.  New things for the new year.  I have never done a craft challenge or a blog.  Who knows what else I may try this diving?

(my first 4 tags of the year)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am using a lot pieces from my stash and backgrounds that I have already created.  I like to matt my tags on black card, so I cut up some of those today to have on hand.  I did a little stamping, some inking and added a few embellishments.  I finished them off with some seam-binding ribbon.  I used a gold Sharpie to colour some of the embellishments..

(I already had the butterfly, but found the die.  I also used a Pitt pen to go around the butterfly and to underline SOAR)

Again, I had the bird, had already doodled on it, just added some inking, but pulled out the die for you to see

I felt this background was already busy enough, so I just stamped the word "breathe" and added it.  That is the word I was thinking of when I took a step back the other night after looking at everything I had pilled out.  The other words that came to mind were "pause" and "relax".  So I guess if I were to put these tags in order, those would actually be the first three.

I used a sharpie to colour some embellishments, but you could use any alcohol based marker, I think.  If you did some copic colouring, you could colour some coordinating embellishments for your project

Have a great day!  I will be posting some more tags soon and hopefully some paintings as well.

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