Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Try Something New #onelittletag

Try something new.  That is my mantra for the year and that is reflected (literally) in my tag for today. I am actually quite excited to share my new technique.  I have been wanting to try some foiling so before Christmas, I got some deco foil from  Jennifer McGuire (and I will try and figure out how to link to her blog) showed how you could use a laminator to activate the foil.  She also showed how you could photocopy something, or print something with a LASER printer (not an inkjet printer) and the toner would foil beautifully.  I have a laser printer, so I printed out a few things to try and it looked great, but I didn't go beyond that and I didn't actually make anything.  So I have been wanting to pull it out again and this tag challenge is the perfect venue for experimenting.  Then I thought, why not try copying  on black card?
I knew I wanted my tag to say "Try something new", which I didn't have a stamp for, so I just printed it out.  I used a JustRite stamp called Grand Damask for my background.  I stamped it with vesafine black onyx ink on copy paper.  I used my large oval punch to cut out my words, and positioned it on my background with a but of adhesive.

Then it was time to copy my image onto some black Recollections card.  I made sure that I knew exactly how my copy was going to come out of my printer and I put a tiny pencil dot on the top corner of my black card because I didn't think I would see the black toner on black stock.  I was ssurprised to discover that you can, which makes life (or at least this tag) a lot easier.

Then I trimmed down my sheet, and a piece of foil to fit.  I just used a folded piece of copy paper as a carrier to go through the laminator. BTW, I had the laminator on, heating up, while I did everything else.

I ran it through once and...

How beautiful is that???  Then all that was left to do was trim down my tag (even the off-cuts are so pretty that I will be able to use them on something else), punch the corners and a hole.  I used dollar store ribbon that I had in my stash to finish it off. 

I hope you enjoyed this, I have to admit, I really like the way this turned out and I will definitely be using this technique again.  The pictures don't really do it justice, it was difficult to photograph because the foil is so reflective, but it looks so elegant against the black card.  I felt I really got a lot of bang for the buck with this tag, it was surprisingly easy with a nice result.  This would be a great technique to use if you had multiple cards or tags to make.
If you like this, you should also check out Jennifer McGuire Ink, she has tons of great videos and lots of tips, tricks and info for card-makers (or anyone interested n giving card-making a try)
One Little Tag Craft Challenge

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