Thursday, 14 July 2016

Whimsocal Face - Mixed Media Girl

Hello my friends,
I just love the look of the beautiful, whimsical mixed media girls and have wanted to create some myself.  I am so inspired by the many talented artists on social media, so I'm sure I have picked up bits from several of them in my efforts.  Most recently, I was having a look at Jane Davenport's book, "Beautiful Faces".

  Some of you may already know this, but for those of you that don't, I have a vision impairment, which makes drawing is a real challenge for me.  I haven't made many attempts, although, I have been dipping my toes in the water.  You may have seen my "You are my Sunshine" tag that I posted a while back.

One of the members of our art group was doing a demo today on dropping colour into faces with watercolour.  This inspired me to do a few drawings last night.  I copied my sketches onto watercolour paper, regular cardstock and copy paper.  Unfortunately, the ones on watercolour paper came out with toner all over them.  Maybe I need to used an anti static sheet on the paper before I run it through the laser printer?  I will try that next time.  I wanted to have a few to do some colouring practice with.

I did take my watercolours to the club in case I wanted to give it a try.  I am NOT a watercolourist!  But I do enjoy stretching my boundaries.  However, today was not the day for watercolours for me. Since the copies I made on the watercolour paper had toner on them, I decided to used coloured pencils, primarily, which I had also brought.  I used Prismacolor and Derwent coloured pencils  This is another medium that I don not use a lot.
I was pretty happy how she turned out considering my inexperience.  I think I will probably cut her out and add her to a canvas, or perhaps my first ever art journal page!  I will share the finished project. 

I did another one that I wasn't as happy with, and I will share that as well in the interest of just being real!

Her face got a little dirty and, in all honesty, it was late and I got a little careless once I realized that I wasn't really happy with it.  Maybe I will be able to rescue her with some paint or something.

Thanking so much for stopping by and having a look, always very much appreciated!  Have an awesome and artful day!


  1. Not sure if an anti static sheet would work. Years ago I was doing invitations on some lovely water colour cards. Ran them through the laser printer but the toner didn't stick and simply brushed off - leaving a dirty mess. I think plan B the ink jet just bled - not a good look for text.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I didn't have a problem with the toner coming off, but sometimes when I run a little bit heavier paper through it picks up some extra toner along the way.. I haven't tried the anti-static yet, but I will let you know if it helps at all.

  2. Very impressive! I immediately recognized Jane's influence in this - beautifully done! I've got her book too but haven't done the exercises yet. Now I'm yearning to try!

    1. Thanks so much! I just love Jane Davenport. I have also been inspired by so many talented artists on YT. I'm glad I have finally given it a try, now just practice, practice, practice! (which will be fun!)


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