Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tag 3-6 "Tweet" #onelittletag

Tag 3-6 "Tweet" #onelittletag
This was actually a tag I started a couple of weeks ago, wanting to try out my Koi watercolours. I didn't like it and put t aside. I thought I would try and rescue it, since watercolourr is our challenge this week. I pulled this around a bit and liked it a little more, but then went overboard with the flowers and when into another "I don't like" phase. I did a bit of sponging and added my words. Not my fave, but I guess it's okay. If I did it again, I would skip some, or all of the flowers except for the one the bird was sitting on.  Live and learn. I seem to have a bit of a bird theme going on this week, but it is not by design! Just kind of worked out that way.

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