Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and creative 2016.
My personal creative challenge is to create 365 cards and/or tags this year.  Initially, I thought I would try and do one a day, but I know that I won't always do that.  So instead of one a day, I am challenging myself to do seven a week.  Even if they are all the same and I do them all at once, seven cards and/or tags a week is my goal.  Now that I have made it official, I hope that will motivate me even when I'm in a creative rut.  Hopefully this will inspire you as well, Kerry (my sister).
I have also joined a Facebook challenge, hosted by Jenny of Craft Test Dummies to do a tag a day. (as I mentioned, I have never done a blog before and am very technologically challenged, so I will try and figure out how to  add a link for this)  I have never done a creative challenge before, so I am hoping this will be fun and inspiring.  Wish me luck!

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