Sunday, 19 February 2017

"Identity" A closer video look at my mixed media painting

Hello mu friends!  I have been making a few videos lately.  As you may know, if you have watched any, the are amateur as I am a newbie and just getting my feet wet.  Here is another very short video.  A closer look at my mixed media painting, "Identity"  I know  some of you have seen this painting already, but for those of you that haven't, please have a look.  For those of you that have, maybe you want to have a second look?
I have to say that I always feel a connection to my creations.  That doesn't mean I can't let go of my work as I know some artists have a hard time doing.  As a matter of fact, it really gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment to see one of my paintings, or cards, or tags or Gelli prints go into the hands of someone who loves them enough to take them home.  I know they will be cherished, which makes me feel wonderful.  The truth is though, that I do feel more of a connection to certain pieces.  For some reason, this is one painting that I feel particularly attached to. While I will certainly be ecstatic to see it find a loving new home, it will be bittersweet, as I will also feel sad to see "Identity" go.  Perhaps that is why I have posted it a couple of times and created this short video.
For anyone that likes this painting and is interested in seeing how I made it, please have a look at this post to see my process.
As for the videos, that is my goal for this year, to create videos and work on my YouTube channel.  There will be videos of my art, our shows, some haul videos and, hopefully my focus, art and craft tutorials.
If you like my few short videos and what I have been sharing here on my blog, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give me some thumbs up!
And I know this is long overdue, but I am finally on Instagram for anyone who is interested. Find me  mimi.johnson358
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have and awesome and artful day!


  1. What a richly opulent painting, Kimberley - well done on getting started on your YouTube channel!

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful comment and your encouragement. I have been wanting to give YouTube a try, so hopefully, this is the year for it. I'd like to try ding some tutorials. That's my goal.


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