Saturday, 25 February 2017

A craft haul from Amazon!

Hello my friends!  I am back with another craft haul video, the one from Amazon that I mentioned in my previous post.  This is another collective haul from a few orders I had placed before and after Christmas. Lots of goodies that I am anxious to use.  I have been busy painting , so I haven't had a chance to use any of my new crafty treasures yet this year.  I am going to do some art journalling this year and I also have the urge to try some ATCs.  So you can look forward to seeing some of these treasures in action soon!
So please have a look at my craft haul from Amazon video.  Let me know what items you would like to see me use.  My intention is to make tutorial videos, tips and techniques videos and to share some of my artwork as well as some of the art shows I participate in.  If you have been enjoying my blog, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hopefully you will enjoy that as well.  I am looking forward to feeling even more connected to all of you!
AND, for any of you that are interested (and I realize it has taken me a while to  get on board), I  am now on Instagram
Thanks so much for joining me today and thank you so much for all the support over my first year of blogging.  I have really been enjoying it and I hope you have enjoyed my efforts.  So this will be a new year for some more new things (new for me, anyways!).  I am planning on doing some art journalling and some ATCs along with the other things that I love to do.  I am hoping to share this with some videos.
Have an awesome and creative day!  xo


  1. Wowza - now you've got me painted green with envy...looking forward to seeing what you'll do with all of these goodies!

  2. Thanks for looking! Hopefully I will have some things to share soon, I keep getting side-tracked with life, lol


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