Friday, 2 September 2016

Tag # 8-31 "Best Friends" Made from Dollar store haul

Hello my friends!  I have been busy painting for a show that is coming up fast!  So this was the perfect time to take a break and make a quick tag,  What better way to do a quick tag, than using embellishments that are already made with a sentiment on them?  As I mentioned in my previous post,  I wanted to do a tag using only things that I got at the dollar store.  So that's what I did to make this quick and easy tag that could easily be translated into a card.  Everything I used was from the dollar store, even the adhesive, with the exception of the punch I used for the butterflies.  But the card that I cut them out of was!  In hind-sight, I probably should've used a better pair of scissors to cut the ribbon!

Keeping it pretty short today, but I did want to share this with you.  I wanted to show that you can use dollar store items, and do something quick and easy, and it can still look pretty good. (but use sharp scissors!).  I actually have a couple of other ideas, so you may see one or two more tags mad from my haul.  Thanks so much for popping in!  I hope you like my quick and easy tag.
Have an awesome and artful day!


  1. Lovely card, Kimberley - and good luck with all the show painting and prep. It's a corker to do everything at once, isn't it?!

    1. Thank you! yes it's been a busy time. My daughter is off to University, so we've been busy with that, as well. But I tend to procrastinate anyways, and then power paint! lol. I work better under pressure


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