Saturday, 2 April 2016

Quick update #onelittletag

I am a little behind and I haven't finished a lot of tags lately, but I have to stop getting hung up on finished product instead of focusing on the process. I have been painting for a show and being creative every day, which is really the One Little Tag challenge. So, even though they aren't finished (and probably won't be for a little whie, really busy lately) I'm sharing!
The photos don't really show it, but the one on the left is glitter gel and for some reason, maybe be...cause it's old or maybe it's meant to be that way, but there's not a lot of glitter and there are these little beads in it. It actually looks really cool. The middle one is my fave. It is white paste ad because I am a bad crafty girl that did not clean her stencils after using sprays, the ink transferred from the stencil and blended in the paste. It looks really pretty in person.. I may have to just leave that one as is.

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