Sunday, 25 September 2016

Scrapfest Craft Haul!!!

Hello my friends!  Today was a fun day that I have been looking forward to all year!  SCRAPFEST!  Scrapfest is an event where several vendors from across the country get together in one place and set up shop for a couple of days.  Lots to look at, and lots of make 'n' takes. They also have a 2-day crop which is always busy and always sounds like a lot of fun, but something I don't participate in.  I have to admit, I am a shopper, not a cropper.
So my friend Lynn and I, were up early and on our way to Richmond Hill, with a quick Tim Horton's stop on the way.  Lynn has more restraint than I do when it comes to craft supplies, but she loves to participate in the make 'n' takes, and made some great things today.  We ran into our  friend Mary there as well.  We always make a day of it and end with dinner.  Lots of fun!
I have decided to share my treasures with you.  I did say in one post  that I don't typically do hauls, but since this is my third one, apparently I do!  I will not post every time I buy something crafty or artsy, but it is fun to share the special purchases.  Now, some of you may think this is a little excessive (and I guess some of you won;t), but this is an event that I save for.  It happens in the Fall and in the Spring, at two different locations.  The Spring Scrapfest s in Kitchener, On. and is the larger show but I don't usually make it to that one.  In the Fall, the sale is in Richmond Hill, On, a little closer to home.  I save up for the event because it's an opportunity to find some treasures that aren't usually easily available.  Let's face it, Michaels has a limited selection.  There are not a lot of Scrapbooking and craft stores around and with my vision, I cannot drive, which means sometimes Michaels is my only store
.Anyways, here is my haul, I hope you enjoy!

This store is a little out of the way for me, but if I am out that way, I will definitely visit.  Stephanie, the owner, came out to our club and did an awesome demo on mixed media with a make'n' take.

This stamp set was from Class Act from Oshawa, On.  One store that isn't too much of a hike from home.  I have been there a few times.

I had barely gotten in the door when I hit this booth.  She had Unity stamps, which I have never had an opportunity to get before, which was great.  She also had several LaBlanche stamps and I just loved the vintage images!  She had a lot of other things as well, but I was fixated on these.   There were several that I liked, and all the ones I chose were half-price.!  But I was reluctant to buy too much at the first place I visited.  I bought a few things and the vendor was kind enough to hold the rest for me.  I totally would have understood if she couldn't, but she did, which was super kind.  I did come back and get what she held, plus a few more!  Unfortunately, this store would be a bit of a hike as well, but if I am ever out that way, I will definitely visit here, too..

I just love that "ugly sweater" die!  So you can look forward to seeing it soon.

Another store that I have made it to, once before, and will get to again!

I was excited to find some foil!  It is not impossible to get, but not readily available and I have to purchase it on-line, usually.  So, happy find!

These dies match a stamp set I got last year with Local King Rubber Stamp from Vancouver, BC

I had a lot of fun, but I have to admit, this show seemed smaller than usual and I missed some of the regular vendors.  I'm hoping to make it to Kitchener in the spring.
So after the show, we headed home.  We went to Milo's for a nice Greek dinner and after that, on a whim, we stopped at Value Village (a second -hand store) and I found some vintage books whose pages will make it into some of my creations
(yes, that is vintage Nancy Drew and The Bobsey Twins!)

All in all, a great day!  Thanks, Lynn!
And thank you too,  for sharing in my Scrapfest fun.  You will beseeing some of these items soon in some new creations!  Have an awesome  day!


  1. I'm glad you had fun and with this post, the shopping was great also.

    1. Thanks, lois! It was a fun day! I always look forward to it, there is inspiration all around and lots of examples of beautiful cards to make as well as good shopping!

  2. Hi Kimberly!!! You go right ahead and make a blog post on every haul you make, mini or large!!! I certainly loved all the pictures and all the places you got them from. I noticed a few websites and that should be fun to browse their stores. Can't wait to see all the beautiful treasures you make with your wonderful goodies!!! hugs, patty

    1. Thanks so much, Patty! I'm glad you enjoyed having a look. Now I am motivated to get creative! (broke, but motivated, lol!)

  3. Yeah, I always feel broke when the cash reg. display the total amount. But I go home with delight and enthusiasm, and can't wait to create something with my new craft haul. Don't you?

    1. You totally get it!!! Yes I do. And surrounded by so many creative ideas, you can't help but be inspired. Delight is the perfect word!

  4. Some great items. Love the old cars. Ahh who my kidding i love it all. TFS Kim

    1. Thanks so much for having a look! Aren't those cars great. They will be great for making some masculine cards, which I find a little more difficult sometimes (but not just for masculine!)


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